This winter, the best way to stay in vogue, while keeping warm, is to use this season’s key item, “THE TRENCH COAT”.

Guys, please, when you go shopping for a trench coat, you got to make sure that it fits nicely, since its probably what you are going to be seen with during the whole winter. Dont just asume that it will be ok, try it on and be very critical!
You often complain that men dont get as much fashion advice as women do, so here is my advice to you: Try things before you buy them!!! Dont just grab stuff and pay for them!
You can find amazing trench coats everywhere on the high street shops, they come in loads of shapes and fabrics, from cool chunky necks to double lined buttons. Burberry gave an example of amazing different shapes and so many different ways to wear them.

Look for the shape and color that suits you, but make sure it really fits, because you can be wearing the coolest coat, but if the size is not right, it wont look good.