This Fashion Accessory goes all the way back to the 19th century, when it was used as an upper-class clothing accessory. At that time, people used it to cover from the rain or wind, It might remind you of detective and gangster tv shows. It has really come a long way, fedoras are so hot right now, for men and women, fedoras are a must have accessory this and many seasons to come!
Fedoras have been in the scene for a while already, we saw celebrities wearing them last summer, but not just them, they were all over the high street shops, i picked up a white, black and grey one, everyone wanted one!

If you are a Fedora lover as well, don’t worry! They are not going anywhere just yet! You can find them in great fabrics for winter so you can keep your head warm.
Try the grey ones, they will match everything in your closet, and you will certainly make a fashion statement.