The trend of the biker look is huge this season!. You can find great leather jackets in many stores, in very affordable prices,
you don’t need to go bankrupt to get a great one! You can wear it with everything, a dress, a pair of jeans, shorts, just be creative!
Try using this vintage biker look, twisted to this season trends. Skinny jeans are still huge this season, so you can still make your outfit look girly and stylish, but edgy and vintage at the same time!
Put on a pair of skinny jeans with your favorite v neck t- shirt, you don’t need to wear anything flashy, since what you want to show off is your amazing jacket. Since its more likely that your jacket will be black, try bringing the outfit to life wearing cool, edgy, colorful shoes, you can wear your favorite ballerina flats or pumps, just make sure they give a splash of color to the outfit.
Remember that if you want to give life to the outfit you got to give it an eye catching accessory, Try wearing a chunky colorful necklace, earings or a trendy hat, don’t wear them together, pick just one of them, since you don’t want to look over accessorized. Don’t forget to wear this season oversized bag in your favorite color (you don’t need to match it with your shoes!), that will make your outfit WANTED.

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