Hi everyone!

Well, Since this is my First Blog, I want to tell you a bit more about why I wanted to start a Fashion & Style Blog.

I think that having a passion for Fashion, means so much more than just loving shopping. Some people think that just because they love shopping, that means they love fashion, and Fashion is SO MUCH MORE!

When you love fashion, you are conscious about the trends, you have to know which shapes, colors, fabrics and styles are coming each season. So, its not just loving to buy shoes and clothes.
I believe in personal style and hate copy cats, I think its important to always put your signature style in everything you wear, it says so much about you.

Some people are scared when it comes to Fashion, they don’t want to wear certain things, because they think people would make fun. Its true that you shouldn’t wear everything in trend, because some things will suit you, but other will look like a nightmare, its all about your body shape, size and height, but is also true that you have to experiment, to figure out what suits you best.
I LOVE eccentricity, when it comes to the style I love to wear. I play with a lot of looks, and i like knowing what is going on in other countries as well, what is people wearing. I believe that Fashion is not just in the catwalks for fashion weeks around the world, the streets are a big runway, and the people in it are the models. Try to see what people are wearing, you can get a lot of Inspiration from it.
I am really lucky, being able to check what people are wearing in the streets of Amsterdam is awesome!. You can see great styles walking around, what I love about the way people dress over here, is that they don’t care!, they wear whatever they want and they don’t care about what people might think, they can wear the weirdest hat, or the funniest pair of shoes, but they still look great, because they have awesome SIGNATURE STYLES!
The most important thing is to find what your signature style is, and then start building from there.
Sit down and write in a piece of paper, what is your favourite style, who is your biggest Fashion Icon, which is your favorite culture movement, all those things can influence you! and help you finding out what you love the most.


Wait for my next blog!